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Shamama tul Amber

Shamama tul Amber

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Shamama-tul Amber Attar is only made from saffron, herbs, agarwood oil, and a variety of additional spices after a lengthy hydro-distillation process. This specific perfume oil is a blend of many types of Indian white sandalwood essential oil, and it has a beguiling baked earth fragrance. This Shamama-tul Amber natural perfume oil is meant to calm and treat the stressed body, mind, and spirit. Shamama-tul Amberis Attar is frequently included in several exotic skin care formulas because to its strong smell.


Base Notes: Musk, and Aimalic

Middle Notes: Sweet, and Amber

It has stylish packaging and is available in 3 ml bottles, 6 ml bottles, and 12 ml bottle

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